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To Diet or Not To Diet

Wednesday, October 19, 2011 @ 05:10 AM
posted by LA

When you seriously want to consider going on a diet, do you choose to go on a Weight Watchers or a Jenny Craig diet? Or do you choose one of the various types of cleanses on the market, like Isagenix? Going on a diet is a billion dollar industry and there is validity with getting results on any one of the diet programs out there. I will always support and encourage a friend or a client who makes such a choice. Taking that step and making a commitment to reach any weight loss goals always deserves positive support. Obviously, weight loss is a struggle and can be very stressful. To many people, it means sacrifice, yet there’s determination. One piece of advice, is always compliment and never doubt that person!
Now, the downside. Once the goal is reached, almost always, the weight comes back on. And for some, more than where they were in the first place. Willpower is not the problem. The goal was acheived. The problem is, that following these diets, they just are not a normal way of eating. They are very strict and if you try to change the rules and combine other methods of dieting, it won’t work. So what do you do? Not go on a diet at all? No! Do the diet, but learn from it. Learn what are your demons. Learn what changes you will want to make once you reach your goals. What you need to do is learn how to go on a new diet that works for the rest of your life. A real life, normal diet!
Please tell me what experience you have had with diets and what obstacles you came across whether you achieved them or not. There are solutions to every problem.

Pathetic Activewear Ad

Wednesday, October 19, 2011 @ 05:10 AM
posted by LA

Have you seen the latest Old Navy activewear commercial? I’d like to know what the average consumer sees when they watch that. As a fitness professional, I see really pathetic exercises while the actors are dancing! Seriously poor form while throwing a ball and doing squats. It looks quite stupid and it doesn’t make me want to go and buy their stuff! I certainly wouldn’t want to be associated with such goofy ads. What thoughts go through your mind when watching that ad? Would you actually go shop there because of that commercial? I like the Joe Fresh ads – they are cute and graphic, not comical as in a bad joke. I’d like to hear your feedback!