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LA Lifestyles

Lee-Ann Davenport has worked in the fitness industry since 1983, and as an entrepreneur/personal trainer since 1989 when she launched LA Lifestyles.  ”It is with great pride to continue educating myself and acquire knowledge in all areas of health and fitness including physical therapy to uphold professionalism in teaching.”  Along with these certifications and memberships, Lee-Ann attends many conferences and workshops over the years to stay current and on top of all trends learning from the best in the industry.

2017  Hatha Yoga 200 Hr Teacher Training Certifiicate

2015  Yogafit Level 3 Certification

2014  Yogafit Level 2 and Yogalean  Certification

2013  Yogafit Level 1 Certification

2012  BCRPA Group Fitness Leader Certification

2009  Spin Instructor Certification

1992  ACE American Council on Exercise) Personal Trainer Certification

1986  BCRPA (BC Recreation & Parks Association) Fitness Instructors Certification

1984  RFA (Registered Fitness Appraisers) Certification

1982  YM-YWCA National Fitness Instructors Certification