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Welcome to the My Lifestyle blog…

Wednesday, March 16, 2011 @ 12:03 AM
posted by Crema

Hello!  I am so excited to be able to voice my opinions, to rant about issues and articles, to inform and share with you stories, and to write whatever my heart desires about any health and fitness matters.

I am not a fan of being politically correct.  That is my biggest beef about any article in most fitness magazines.  They seem to advise “perfect” healthy diets that I know readers don’t even want to consider doing.  They are not realistic and don’t factor in different types of people, the lives they lead, and especially tastes.  God help me if I were to try to follow one!

I want to share with you common problems or obstacles people have with diets and struggles with meeting fitness goals.  It makes sense to be able to relate with someone who may have had the same issues and understand how to overcome them.  No two people are the same, but everyone seems to fight the same battles?

There are so my many myths and beliefs that people have that also get in the way of reaching goals.  Like, having to quit drinking because that is fattening.  Hmm…usually, the alcohol is not the problem.  It’s the diet or habits a person has.  I sure like to enjoy wine, beer and whatever celebration is happening as do thousands of others.

Feedback and responses are welcome and let’s enjoy the good life!