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Fitness Evaluation

Why Do You Want To Test Your Fitness?

A fitness test or evaluation is not to tell a person if they are fit or unfit. It is not a pass or fail style of test, and is not meant to surprise anyone with results that they don’t already know.

A fitness evaluation is simply an effective and practical means of finding out where you stand physically. The goal is to define your starting point, and then motivate and encourage people to develop or enhance their lifestyle to be more active and healthy.

The collected data will be measured and used to create a realistic plan of action based on your goals. Your goals may be to increase muscular strength, decrease body fat, increase flexibility and stamina, or improve your cardiovascular endurance. The data will also be used to create your fitness training baseline… a guide for us to measure your growth and success as your training continues. Retests along your fitness journey can also be used to monitor changes over time, giving you hard numbers to show your improvement.

As you continue towards your fitness goals, these results will serve as great encouragement, and offer an opportunity to continually re-evaluate and set new goals to maintain your growth while achieving better health, feeling great, and building an active lifestyle.


Don’t Forget Your Diet Analysis!

The other part of any exercise plan should be evaluating your diet. Don’t worry… I don’t mean ‘diet’ in the sense of only eating broccoli and drinking 27 glasses of water a day. It is simply an honest evaluation of the food and drink you enjoy every day… your diet. Of course there are always healthy choices when choosing what we eat and drink, but in the real world it is about managing those choices, not eliminating everything ‘bad’ from your diet. When you are not sure though, I do recommend and promote trying to manage your diet through the Canada Food Guidelines.

An important part of the LA Lifestyles Fitness Evaluation is monitoring your daily diet for a short number of days. This will help you see where you can better balance healthy choices within your food and drink intake. I try to manage these with you with the guidelines of ‘common sense’, while always considering that you need to incorporate work, family, and every day life. Nobody makes the right dietary choices all the time… it is only about managing your choices a little better by being more informed. It is very important to balance your hard work and fitness training with a smart and healthy view towards eating properly to maximize your efforts for more effective overall results.