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LA Yoga

for healing + happiness

LA Yoga is a blend of yoga principals and fitness elements creating a fusion of disciplines into one dynamic exercise class.

While there are many types of yoga, every class and instructor has its own experience, style, pace and concepts.  Every person has different reasons or purpose for practicing yoga.

” In my experience, I have been amazed from the benefits and healing powers yoga promises and found a style that resonates with me – Yogafit.  I find it exciting to learn the ultimate balance in mind and body wellness with leading an active lifestyle of work and play.  Yoga will ‘complete’ you, boosting your vitality, happiness, and well-being.  Yoga is the best prevention in the world, medically speaking, keeping you centred, curing aches and pains, reducing stress and offering so many other health benefits.”

All you need to do is show up, get on your mat, and extend your hand to receive all the benefits practice can offer!


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Good Karma

Yoga has come along way.  If you haven’t experienced any yoga class of any type, the industry has advanced in many ways.  If you have only tried one or two classes, judgement should not be placed solely on those experiences.  Be spontaneous and try a few classes of different types.  And at LA Yoga, your first class is FREE.  That’s just good karma.


LA Yoga at the Lake Country Art Gallery


Join us for 2 weeks – MONDAY & THURSDAY @ 8:15 – 9:00 am  / July 11 and 14  / July 18 and 21

Drop-in is just $6!   All levels and ages are welcome.  This class is a perfect way to start your day!

Please inquire about the new sessions, our current schedule and costs.

Call/text/email!    250-575-6100