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Health & Training

A personal trainer can benefit everyone.  Most commonly, people who have no idea what to do, may need assistance, have been recommended by a physician, need rehabilitation from an injury, are looking for better results, have never been to a gym, or claim they don’t like exercise.  Also, athletes may need further coaching, gain higher performance or want “cross-training” to balance their body for better performance.  And the list goes on for the type of person you are.


The number of reasons why are endless, but weight loss is the number one reason why people may want to hire a trainer.  With only 20% of our population statistically fit, most people need the extra help to succeed in reaching their goals.


Even though someone may be thin, the public still has the misconception that they are fit.  Many “thin” people know personally that they may not be as fit as they should be, they know they just aren’t fat.  But often, a heavier person is more likely to be in “better shape” than their counterparts.  Therefore, the size of person has no merit whether or not a person needs more exercise.


All people, big or small, need to have a balance of muscular strength to maintain good health, strengthen the skeletal system and reverse the aging process, among many other positive reasons.  This leads to another important reason why everyone can benefit having a personal fitness trainer:  to learn and understand how to build and/or maintain muscular strength.  The aging process will naturally allow the body to lose muscle mass which then leads to a number of aging “problems” like losing bone mineral density, weakening/tightening of muscles creating postural imbalances, lower metabolism, and the list will grow as one’s health may deteriorate.  All which can be prevented with building muscular strength!  (Please read the bottom paragraph to explain.)


The aging process starts around the age of 30.  If your body is not in prime physical condition by this time, then mother nature will speed up the aging process if you are not active enough or nothing is done about it.  The older a person gets, all the more training becomes a necessity.  Muscle has the ability to strengthen at any age, therefore it is never too late to start.

To summarize, people with all levels of fitness, people of all shapes and sizes, people of all ages, and people with injuries or disabilities, all people can benefit from hiring a personal fitness trainer.



Building muscular strength, does not always mean building muscle size.  To build muscular strength, means to strengthen and develop a leaner muscle.  In other words, the process of building a muscle, you must first tear down muscle fibres and have a days rest to let the muscle repair and become stronger.  With a proper diet, the fat will disappear making a leaner and stronger muscle.  If you have too much body fat, you will have fat inside all of your muscles, not just around your waistline.  Proper weight training combined with cardiovascular training and a balanced diet, you are guaranteed to get results if you adhere to a program.  A program for 1 hour just 2 or 3 times per week will change your body and can change your life!