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LA Yoga

LA Yoga is proving to be very popular.  This one hour session is for all levels of participants welcoming everyone – men, women, the young, the old, the unfit, superfit, medically challenged bodies, healing bodies, it doesn’t matter, your body will benefit.  Yoga isn’t just about flexibility.  Yoga is connecting mind + body, breathing + conscious movement, balance + strength, practice + relaxation… actually, anything you want it to be.

What we practice in LA Yoga, is not about trying to have your body fit the pose, but having the pose fit your body.  There are no expectations, no judgements, no competition.  LA Yoga is a user-friendly style of yoga for real people.  It is a mind-body workout featuring cardio conditioning, functional strength, flexibility, muscle balancing, relaxation and breath work.  It is safe and understandable, not necessarily using the Sanskrit words.  And it is very exhilarating!  You can learn more at

LA Yoga is looking to introduce specialized classes for groups, seniors, men, youth, those the limitations, etc.  My personal goal is to simply open the doors to introduce everyone to yoga.  Feel the benefits, experience the amazing effects it brings to you and everyone around you.  LA Yoga is for healing + happiness.   -LA



Based on the philosophy of Thomas Hanna, Somatics is extremely easy to learn and incorporate into anyone’s life who’s needing to heal their bodies physically.  At LA Yoga, we introduce simple exercises to practice any time any where.  Learning to become an expert on your own personal body is key.  All bodies will heal if movement is correct.  Participate in a class or register for a workshop.


Contact us for class times, schedules, and location.