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Workout with LA!

Group training has become very popular. Choose either Circuit Bootcamp or Tabata. These sessions offer a level of personal attention that a regular class does not. With an emphasis on strength training, our Circuit Bootcamps are created to allow for people of all fitness levels and ages to join in. We will work at a pace suited to the individual. Our Tabata Training is a high intensity circuit group following the 20:10 rule, 20 seconds of repetitions / 10 seconds of rest for 4 minutes. Tabata is claimed to be invented in 1996 by a Japanese man, Izumi Tabata. Interestingly, I have been teaching this exact concept of the 20:10 rule since 1986! The difference is someone trademarked a style of teaching and the fitness industry has further created classes using these rules.

The choice is yours. LA offers guaranteed results following her programs. You also have the option of having a fitness evaluation to understand your fitness starting point and help you set goals to achieve measurable results. As well, a diet program to expedite performance and weight loss results. Sessions are based on 4 to 6 people, scheduled twice a week. Feel free to gather your own group of friends or simply contact me to register for the next session or group.

Contact us to register for classes and times.